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Monday, March 30, 2009

Mishap Monday - The Wedding Dress

The Wedding Dress is huge style setter in a wedding. It's the bride's signature piece. The part that says the most about her on her most important of days. It is exclusively hers and will be looked at and talked about by every guest present, and everyone there after. Whether it be a short flirty strapless dress, or an elaborate ballgown, it sets the style and tone for the day. All the remaining elements of the wedding stem from this one piece... the formality, venue, time of day, attendants attire, colors, etc.

With all of this surrounding one piece of clothing, it is no wonder that there are many mishaps and mistakes. For the next 4 weeks I'll explain where brides can, will, and have gone wrong in the past.

1. Buy the dress that fits

All too often brides buy a dress one size too small as motivation to burn those last few pounds they have been trying to lose for years. This is a huge mistake! I know there can be sticker shock associated with wedding dress sizes. I remember hearing the size of dress I ordered for my wedding, and thinking that's not right. My normal clothes are 4 sizes smaller! What I realized, the number doesn't matter the fit does! A comfortable fitting wedding dress is so important. If it is digging in to you or you're spilling out of it, it will show. This is probably not the perfect bride picture you had of yourself on wedding day.

Buy a gown that fits you now, and have it taken in if you lose the weight. It is so much harder and costly to expand a dress than make it smaller. Not to mention, the additional stress you are putting on yourself to make sure it fits. You have enough on your plate when planning your wedding, don't add this on top of it.

A bride at any size or shape is beautiful on wedding day in a gown that fits!

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