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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Where to Begin When Planning Your Dream Wedding

The first step in planning your wedding is finding your style. Before you buy your dress, find your venue, talk about budget, anything. You will want to talk about your style. You don’t have to know the exact flowers you want to use, or your cake design, or even your colors. You will just want to have a few key words or images that show you and your fiancĂ©’s personalities. You want to make sure it’s a true reflection of the two of you. You will also want to think about how your style translates to your vision you have for your wedding. If you always dreamed of being on the water, in a field, or on the top of a building in the city, that is important to your wedding style.

To find your style/personality of your wedding you will want to ask yourself and your fiancé a few questions:
· What feel do we want our guest to have?
· Looking at your house, wardrobe, art, car, etc. what words describe us, as individuals and a couple? Vintage, streamlined, old world, romantic, funky, vibrant, modern, etc?
· What elements of your style and personality would you like to use in your wedding? You don’t have to use them all. I would suggest not.

Once you decide your style, you will want to stay consistent with it. You will want to make sure that all the elements reflect the style you chose; your location, dress, attendant’s attire, flowers, music, menu, cake design, center pieces, invitations, programs, etc.
All of your vendors will want to know your style. It helps them better understand you, your wedding, and their place in it all. This extends from your dress, to florist to the band/DJ and on. Tell them the words you came up with and show them the pictures that reflect your style. They do not all have to be wedding related.
If you choose a modern style, consider an art gallery or loft for your location. You may have a simplistic dress with a very stylized veil or stylized dress and no veil. Your attendants will have dresses similar in fabric and design to compliment yours or no attendants. You might use one or two bold colors and a neutral. You may have a simple bouquet with one flower type or use flowers and natural elements to create a streamlined bouquet. Your centerpieces may be monochromatic with flowers and other natural elements or put together like art. You may have square plates rather than round. You may have a saxophone and bass play at the ceremony rather than a string quartet. Your first dance song may be something out of the box rather than a classic. The key is to make sure that the wedding elements stay cohesive in the style.

Whatever your wedding style it is important that you have fun with it and make it a true reflection of the two of you!

Friday, February 22, 2008



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