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"Today I am marrying my best friend, the one I laugh with, live for, dream with, and love."
~ Erin & Forrest Pangborn

Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's Crunch Time!

It is getting to the time of year when your wedding day is just around the corner! You have hired all your vendors, completed all your projects, bought your favors, had your dress fitted, etc., and now you need to know how to make your wedding day run smoothly.

Many of us have been a guest at wedding where there was a lot of standing around wondering, where are the bride and groom?, or when is the next thing going to happen? I'm sure you want to avoid this for your special day. Good News! It is so easy to make sure that you, your new hubby/wife, and your guests have a great time on wedding day! All it takes is putting together a simple timeline for your vendors to follow and guide you through! You have probably considered the placement of the major events of the day: whether you want to be introduced into your reception or sneak in during cocktail hour. When the first dance will take place if your dancing at all. If you want to do a garter and bouquet toss or avoid the whole thing altogether! The list can go on and on!

Luckily, now days there is no "right or wrong way" to way to put your day together. There are just many things to consider, from ceremony start time to last call, inorder to have a smooth flow to your day.


Many of your vendors have probably tried to help you put together a time line already. (Their tools can be really helpful so please use them!) But, I recommend putting together a detailed timeline for the way YOU see your day going. You should share it with ALL your vendors, and not rely on each individual vendor's. They may all be slightly different from one another! Using the ONE you created ensures that everyone has the same overall picture of the day’s events as you want it! It also helps you make sure that you are fitting in all the major events in the time allotted in your contracts. If you only have 7 hours with your photographer, you don't want the ceremony to start at 2:30 and the toast to happen at 10:00pm. You want your photographer there to capture all of the elements you have planned in the 7 hours!

For an easy way to arrange this, I recommend using sticky notes and a large piece of paper with the start of your day on one side and end on the other! It can make for a fun game, mixing and matching the order of events on the time line to find what makes the most sense and works best! It is also a easy way to visually move the key events around to find the suitable order for the two of you! With the events in order you can start filling in the time surrounding the events and creating the time line.


No matter how you schedule your day, make sure that it's all about you two having the best time EVER, and taking special moments to slip away and enjoy being married!