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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Now that your RSVP's are in, your feast has been selected, and your timeline of the days events is done; there are still many more decisions that need to be made to create the perfect wedding reception!

One of which is: Where will my guest sit? There are so many options when answering this question! Do I assign tables and exact seats? Do I just assign tables? Do I reserve a few tables for family and friends and let everyone else pick for themselves? Or do I let it be a free for all in which everyone chooses where they want to sit? Professionally speaking, taking that extra step of assigning your guest's tables is wonderful idea! It adds a level of elegance to your wedding, as well as lets your guests know that you thought about their comfort at your reception.

I know, this can get a bit tricky, but I'm here to help! You want everyone to have a wonderful time and be social, but sometimes the numbers of seats at the table don't match perfectly with the people you're trying to fit! Believe me, I have worked through MANY table arrangements in my years of planning, and I've learned some shortcuts I'd like to share! Here are a few tricks I use when assembling table assignments at my events!
  1. Ask your venue for a floor plan with the correct number of tables you will be using; as well as how many people comfortably fit at each table. Table sizes and shapes vary in how many fit so it's important not to over/under fill the tables!

    2. Use sticky notes with each guest's name written/printed on it. I generally cut my notes into several strips so that I can get many names out of one normal size post it as possible. (Note, it's important to cut them vertically so that each strip has some sticky on it!) I also like to use the multi-colored marking tape for this project as well. (Writing the names on the tape can be tricky since they are slippery, but are worth it since they are soooo easy to use! Use a fine tip or regular Sharpie for this!)

    3. I often color coordinate the post its/tape markers to match the relation of the guest to my couples: ie. Groom's family, Bride's family, Bridal Party, mutual friends, work friends, etc. This really helps me visualize who all belongs together without having to know the specific person each time.

    4. Start Arranging!

    5. Once everyone is in place, track the table numbers into your spread sheet or document you've been using to track RSVPs that correspond with the guest. This will make it really easy to give the final numbers and table arrangements to your location and caterer.Good Luck! Try to have fun and don't stress! Everyone will have an AMAZING time because they are coming to celebrate you on your big day!

    Have a tip for arranging your tables? I'd love to hear from you!