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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Here's the Story

Yesterday I shared the copy of a news story for Q13 Fox I was a wedding consultant on. Click here for the video clip.

ALL the information in the story was provided by myself or my client Angela Alanis, used by reporter Dana Rebik.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Weddings on a Budget

I work with clients that have budget's of $20K to $500K and everywhere in between. One thing about them is the same, they want to get most for their money while keeping it elegant and beautiful. So, the other day when asked to be the wedding consultant by Q 13 Fox's Dana Rebik for a story she was doing on Bride's on a Budget I couldn't pass it up. The story ran on this morning's news program! If you missed it, here is the copy:

How To Plan A Wedding On A Budget
Local wedding planners say a majority of brides are slashing budgets due to the tight economy.
Dana Rebik Staff reporter
August 10, 2009

Seattle - Planning a wedding on a tight budget is stressing out many brides right now.

For some, the tough economy means no elaborate ceremonies or receptions, but there's a lot you can do to plan a frugal yet fabulous wedding.

Angela Alanis got married on May 30, 2009 in Seattle and says she was stressed for months about paying the bill.

"It was a shock when the venue and catering bill was going to be the entire budget! We really had to prioritize," says Alanis.

Seattle wedding planner Wendi Hroncich of Ethereal Events says she saw a slight decline in wedding planning budgets in 2008, but in 2009, it's a demand among most brides. In fact, a recent survey shows 40% of brides have cut their budgets this year because of the economy.

So where do you start when it comes to cutting costs? One easy way is decor, and skipping elaborate centerpieces. If you have a wedding of 200 guests at 20 tables of 10, having a large elaborate centerpiece at each table could cost you 200 dollars on the high end per centerpiece. That's a total of $4,000! If you choose to use colored linens at about $15 dollars a piece, and a smaller arrangement like floating flowers and candles, you could be paying about $600 dollars for your centerpieces. That is a savings of $3,400.

Some other ideas include bringing your own alcohol and caterer to your reception, assembling your own invitations and using an iPod for dinner and cocktail hour, and only hiring a DJ or band for dancing afterwards.
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All the information in the story came from myself and my wonderful bride (married May 30th) Angela Alanis!

Here are a few additional budget saving tips Dana's story didn't mention:

  1. Double use your flowers:

Using the flowers from ceremony to reception is not only green, it is also smart and budget friendly. If you're having aisle posies attached to chairs or pews, or on stands lining the aisle of your ceremony you can transfer them to table tops of your reception for an easy and elegant center piece. The brides maid's bouquets can be used as extra decor on the guest book table, cake table, head table, buffet, and anywhere else you like a little something extra. The bridal bouquet makes a wonderful centerpiece for the sweet heart table. If you double use the flowers from ceremony to reception there is so much more to work with and less money spent.

2. Use items other than flowers or perishables for decor. Feathers and colored glass stones are really popular right now. You rent them from your florist or designer, and since they reuse them over and over the cost is far less then flowers.

3. Having a cocktail style reception not only elevates your swank factor, it is also a huge savings from a formal sit down meal. You are paying for finger foods rather than a huge meal. Many cocktail receptions have ample amounts of food, just in smaller portions so guests never go home hungry and you aren't spending beyond your means.4. Get Hitched Give Hope is a great way to save money on your wedding. It's coming up on October 29th, 2009! There are incredible deals to be had on your dress, Coordination, DJ, live music, flowers, and so much more! Bride's last year got as much as 70% off high end vendors! This will save you HUGE amounts of money! Write it on your calendars now, 10.29.09.

5. Last, but not least: Hire a Wedding Coordinator. This is the most important piece of advice I'm giving to you today! We save you time, money, stress, mistakes (like losing your deposit on a bad vendor), headaches, etc. We will work with in your budget and find the best vendors available to you in your price range. We are not looking to make you spend more money. If we were so limited to only a small set of the highest end vendors WE WOULD NOT BE VERY GOOD AT OUR JOBS! We are here to find the perfect fit vendor for you, and you alone!

If it's not in your budget to have a coordinator plan the whole wedding, that is okay. Hire one to sit down with you to get you started. Many coordinators especially myself are available on an hourly or package consultant basis. Mine is called 'Jump Start to Planning!' It has been so helpful for so many clients!

Best of luck planning! Really try to enjoy this magical time in your life!

If you have a tip on how you saved money please send it to me. I'll post it on my next blog. I love to hear from you!