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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dear Wendi Wednesday...Why Hire A Professional Planner?

This week's question and answer are a little different. The question I am answering is actually from a Magazine Writer who asked:

For Wedding Planners - What difference do you make to a wedding?

Here is my answer:

A Wedding planner makes a huge difference in the experience of the bride, groom, and family. It's a necessity for today's weddings. Having a professional planner taking you through the planning process saves time and money. Brides with professional planners don't experience the stress or never ending details that other brides do. They always have someone to talk to who is excited about their wedding when their friends and family are tired of hearing about it. They also don't have to suffer through reading the fine print of contracts (because we do), or common first time mistakes. We're able to hold vendors to a higher standard. We do several weddings a year, every year and choose to work with only the best. Anyone performing below our standard for our clients would not be worked with again. We protect our clients interest at all times and make sure the vendors do everything they're contracted to do. Bride's who work with professional planners are able to continue with their lives and enjoy the experience. They do not become swallowed up by planning.

Lastly, couples getting married deserve to be a guest at their own wedding, the King and Queen of the ball. They should not running around tracking vendors, answering questions, or worrying about the limo showing up,nor should their family and friends. As a wedding planner that is my job. Everyone should be able to enjoy this day/s of celebration, especially the bride and groom and those closets to them. Preventing mistakes and unanswered questions and putting out fires on wedding day is worth every penny you will spend on a professional wedding planner!

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