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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year! It's time to get the planning started!

You got engaged over the holidays! Yippee! Congratulations! Finally you get to start planning your dream day! This is such a fun and exciting time in your life! I'm here to help you avoid making the "I've never done this before" wedding planning errors!

The first mistake that most Bride's make is going straight to buying their wedding dress before thinking about any of the wedding details. Some of the things that will play a role in deciding the PERFECT dress for your are: location, style, season, formality of wedding, etc. I KNOW wedding dress shopping is something you've been dreaming about for a long time! It is magical! But please listen to me when I say find your venue and set your date first!!! If you find a dress that is perfect for an outdoor summer wedding, but the venue you choose is only available in fall or winter then you have a problem! Creating a cohesive wedding design takes all the parts and pieces into account. The dress being a huge factor in the total design!

The second mistake couples make is not having a clear idea of what the other wants. It is so important that you talk to one another about your wedding wish list and if you want to include your families! If your groom wants you to take the planning and run with it, that's great! But it is sooo important that you both know where you stand and how the planning is going to be executed! Having open communication and a plan is the key to being able to enjoy this wonderful time!

There are many more mistakes that can be made, but if you follow my suggestions, hopefully you won't fall into any of them!

Here are my first 3 steps in planning your wedding!

  1. Set a realistic budget with all parties contributing and make a priority list. The priority list is a huge factor in how much of the budget you are willing to spend each service/item. I know there are many online budget helpers that tell you how much of the total budget should be spent on what...BUT they don't know you or what you want for YOUR wedding! They are trying to please EVERYONE! Take them with a grain of salt if you do use one. Set the budget percentages based on your needs and desires, not what they tell you! If having a huge, fun party is your top priority then the music (DJ or Band) and bar (wine & beer or premium liquor) will be at the top of your list! If you want a tranquil stress free day where you can enjoy every-one's company and not worry about a thing then having a wedding planner should be at the top of the list. Your priority list should dictate how you divide up and spend your budget. Spend more on the things that matter most and save on or do the DIY for the things that are near the bottom!

  2. Find your venue and set the date! The venue and date of your wedding are the foundation that you build on. You can't hire any of your vendors until you have a date set in stone! And usually the venue you chose availability will help you narrow down and select your wedding date. If you already have a date before selecting a venue the selection of vendors can take place, but venue/location should be the first thing you find!

  3. You have a budget, priority list, date and venue...NOW go find your dress and all other vendors! All the must needed basics are in place and now is the fun part begins! Build your wedding around your vision and make sure that your dress makes you feel more beautiful then you've ever felt! Here are just a few other vendors that should be selected right away:

Good Luck! I'm so excited for all of you on this incredible journey! If you have suggestions for the newly engaged ladies I'd love to hear them! How did you find success planning your wedding?

Check the blog out next week for info and ideas on where to buy your DREAM dress for less!

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