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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Seattle Wedding Show Tips!

Happy New Year!

I wanted to let you know, if you didn't already, that the largest Wedding Show, The Seattle Wedding Show, is this weekend January 3rd and 4th, 2009. Doors of the Washington State Convention Center open on Saturday at 10:00 am, with ticket sales at 9:30 am and Sunday 10:30 am ticket sales 10:00 am. It closes each night at 5:00pm. I don't have a booth this year, but will be hanging out on the concourse Saturday morning for a few hours in the Wedding DJ's booth. I would love to see you! There are a ton of wonderful vendors at the show, great food and cake, so it will be a lot of fun if you go.

Here are some tips to make the show fun and easy:

  • Wear comfortable shoes. It's a huge show. It's possible it could take you 2+ hours to get through it. So much great stuff to see including a fashion show!

  • Layer your clothing. Generally it's cold in the morning at the show and then fills and heats up.
  • Decide when to go. Saturday is very busy especially in the morning. If you want to avoid the crowds go later in the afternoon or on Sunday. Sunday late afternoon is the least crowded, but some of the vendors may have run out of their samples and freebies by then. So, Sunday morning is best!

  • Create a separate wedding email address. After the show you could end up receiving emails from many different vendors. To keep your personal or professional email clean create a wedding only email. This eliminates a lot of clutter in your inbox. Also, only give this email to the vendors you want to contact you directly. Then when you get an email you know it's from someone you are interested in. (This only applies if you're looking for vendors with out my or another coordinator's help.)

  • Create information labels. This will prevent you from having to write your contact information over and over. You will want to include your name, phone number, email, maybe your address. I have found that large mailing labels work best for this. 1 sheet is probably enough, but is up to you. (Again this only applies if you are looking for vendors solo.)

  • Don't be afraid to go into a booth look around and speak with the vendor. In my years at the show I have seen the timid brides. The vendors are there to meet you and chat about your wedding and how they may play a role. I know that it can get overwhelming, but know the vendors are there to meet you and answer your questions.

  • Bring your camera. The wedding show is filled with wonderful ideas. Each booth is created by the vendors to give you a feel for their style and business. Many put days into creating the right booth. Some booths are like a mini wedding set up, very creative and full of usable ideas.

  • Lastly, don't be afraid to say "No". It's okay not to give your information or take a flyer from a vendor that you are not interested in. It's your information, you don't have to give it out.

I hope this helps! If you have any additional questions or concerns email or call me. Please stop by and say "Hi!" if you do come Saturday morning. Again, I'll be in the Wedding DJ's booth. I would love to see you. Have a great time!

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