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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Guest Spot!

I have the honor of a guest writer for my blog today! My husband, Erik Hroncich, is the owner and the Head trainer of Edge Personal Training located in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood. He has over 9 years of experience working with clients with many different needs, abilities and goals. Many of the soon-to-be-brides I know want to look and feel their best on their wedding day and Erik is going to give you some helpful hints on how to do just that!

Hey everyone! Per the introduction above, I am Wendi's Husband and I own EDGE Personal Training. Just to add some credibility (other than being Wendi's Husband) I am a graduate of Ashmead College's Fitness Trainer Program (6/01) and have been certified through NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) since January of 2003. Now that you'll believe me, here are some tips on getting into the best shape for you on your wedding day!

1. Set safe and attainable goals
One big "mistake" I have had many Brides make is shooting for the stars for their wedding day body. Now I am definitely not saying don't have a high expectation for yourself, just don't give yourself any added stress. By setting smaller, step-by-step goals you can focus on a very short term goal. Say going to the gym 2-3 times that week for at least an hour. That way you can have a safe range of days to hit and if you exceed it, you'll feel even better both in health and in yourself!

2. What to do for you
When doing a workout make sure you do some sort of warm-up (5 minutes of cardio, a light total-body exercise like a clean and jerk or squat) do your total body routine (upper and lower body parts) and then jump into cardio for 30-60minutes. To get the body you want (toned, slim, defined) for your wedding day you are going to have to do weights AND cardiovascular exercise. Weights will not make you have bulging muscles or have you lose your neck as long as you do them properly. Sets and reps are more indicative of how your body will respond than the actual weight lifted. Meaning, if you lift, say 10lbs for dumbbell chest press 2 sets at 15-20 times, you will get toned and dense muscles instead of "big" muscles. Don't be afraid to raise the weight when it gets easier either. As long as you keep the sets and reps the same your body will continue to respond properly. Cardio after your weights utilizes the body's fuel more effectively allowing you to burn more fat calories over the course of the workout. This is very long and boring to explain so just trust me on this one. If you would like to have the whole explanation just contact me one way or another!

3. Consistency is key
Results will always happen as long as you stay consistent. One thing I see many clients do too many times is come in Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then not until Monday again. Now, they are getting 3 times a week in, however 4 days off in a row makes progress slow up a bit. It would be like taking 2 steps forward and then 1 step back. If you are able to go in 3 times a week, try and space it out some. A schedule of Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Monday, Thursday, Saturday is more beneficial because there is less "down time" between workouts. Thus, allowing your body to become more receptive to the workouts themselves.

4. Don't start too late!
A lot of people, brides or otherwise, cram in exercise in a month before whatever they are getting ready for and hope it works. Well let me save you the headache and tell you now...it doesn't! When your body has a consistent environmental change, (temperature, elevation, physical exercise, etc.) it goes through an adaptation phase to cope. Each adaptation phase lasts around 4-6 weeks depending on the consistency and severity of the change. Meaning, if you save all of your routine for the last month before your wedding the changes you will have will be mainly internal. You will have changes in your appearance but not as much as the next adaptation phase will give you. Long story short, give yourself 3-4 months prior to your wedding to kick your own butt so you can see exponentially better results than just working hard for one month. (it will stay off longer too!)

5. Sneak it in whenever you can
I know, I know. This point has been brought up more times than I can count but there is a reason, it works! Parking further out from the entrance of a store, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, stretching while watching TV, etc. All of these activities take so little time it almost seems like there is no point (which is why most don't do them). Using hypothetical numbers, say you go to the store and park far away from he door causing you to walk further to get in and you burn 35 calories round trip, car to store. Now say you do this 100 times over the course of a year and burn 3,500 calories. Guess what? That is equal to 1lb of body fat! Now if you couple other "sneaky" habits along with a regular workout routine you will see a pretty significant change in yourself.

Well that's all I'm giving you for free folks! (kidding, Wendi has been trying to get me to be a regular contributor for a while so give her feedback one way or another if you would like these types of posts to continue) I had fun writing this and I hope this information helps some of you beautiful brides out in the war against your dresses! If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask. The EDGE web link is above or you can e-mail me directly at erik@edgepersonaltraining.net

Thanks for your time and good luck in the new year!

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