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Monday, July 7, 2008

I LOVE being right!

Back in May, I blogged that the Peacock would be the next Damask print, meaning all over the place in 2008. Over the past few months, outside of the inspiration for a few of the weddings I have designed, I have seen the Peacock, feather and colors make their way into the main stream.

Here are a few of the most wonderful examples I have seen:
Carrie Bradshaw, in the Sex and the City Movie, with a peacock feather accessory proudly adorn to her head on her wedding day. This was thrillng! My jaw dropped immediately in the movie theater. One of the most fashion forward characters in television, and now, movie history proving me right.

And now, the July Cover of Vogue with Nicole Kidman in a stunning peacock printed dress. I absolutely love it!
Keep your eyes out for peacock print and colors, and you will realize it is everywhere right now, and so wonderful! Go ahead and let it inspire you for your wedding or in every day life.

Pictures from:
Vogue cover shot by Annie Leibovitz
Dress available at Bergdorf Goodman

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