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Monday, June 23, 2008

A different point of view...

Ed Griffin, a very respected and fantastic wedding DJ, and I have become friends over this past year. I recently was given a article that he wrote for 2007 Edition of The Puget Sound Edition Wedding Expo Magazine. It explains why all brides should hire a wedding coordinator, and the value they add.

I love that vendors in the industry find such value in what us wedding coordinators do, that they put it out there for all to read. We work so hard for our couples, and to provide as much assistance to the vendors we are working with, to make their dream day. Thank you so much Ed for the glowing recommendation below!

"Hire a consultant!

Relive stress, save money and time. Hire a professional consultant/coordinator/planner. You know they will save you time and relieve stress. If you don't think they will, you have not found the right one yet. Despite their cost, they will still save you money. They can help you navigate around costly mistakes, and save you from bad contracts, and hidden charges. Their insider knowledge can be invaluable.

As with any vendor, you'll need to do you homework. Talk to many, and meet with several. Get a professional. It's usually only friends and relatives that think they are coordinators, but they are actually hobbyists, that give consultants a bad name. If they don't have a business license, belong to any professional associations, or at least attend industry functions, they may hurt as much as help. So hire a professional that you are comfortable with their credentials, experience, expertise, and one that fits your personality and priorities.

Now you can relax. Your new best friend will help you find all vendors that fit your criteria. They will pull out the weeds and refer only a select handful of credible vendors they have worked with, seen in person, or at least interviewed themselves.

Most brides don't think they need a consultant until the day before or the day of her wedding. Ir's only then; they realize how many little details are involved, and how stressful things can be. Imagine the months of preparation all condensed into one day.

Now, the big day: Who will run around and verify that every vendor has arrived on time and are setting up in the right location, as per plan? Will you torture yourself, your mother, and your maid of honor? Just say no, and let you coordinator take care of all the details, so you can enjoy your own wedding.

There are many stories of how a coordinator saved the day, and here's one I witnessed. The legs on the cake table broke, and destroyed much of the cakes. After removing it from view of the couple, the consultant called the local baker she referred. Within two hours the cake was rebuilt, and ready for the cake cutting. As per usual the baker got a standing ovation, and the consultant quietly smiled from the back of the room. Hopefully nothing this dramatic happens at your wedding but it's nice to have that kind of insurance."

- Ed Griffin
The Wedding DJs

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