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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh NO! Dear Wendi Wednesday

Dear Wendi,

I've heard from my friends and brides maids that I should have an emergency kit on wedding day. What should I include in it?

- L.S. Portland, OR

Hi L.S.,

Thank you so much for your question! Your friends are right. Having an emergency kit on wedding day can be a real life saver. My kit is FULL of different goodies to get through any situation. However a bride's emergency kit can have far less. Here are some basics that I find my clients using the most:
  • Stain stick - Shout wipes. Wine away. Bleach pen. Any one of them will do the trick
  • Sewing kit - make sure it includes thread the color of your and your brides maid's dresses
  • Tissues - small hand held packs are the best
  • Hair spray - a small travel bottle will do the trick
  • Comb or Brush - or both
  • Scissors - even a small pair. Check and see if there is a pair in the sewing kit
  • Ribbon in your wedding colors - can use it anywhere
  • Fashion tape - Can help secure a dress or ribbon to flower girls dress
  • Band aids - someone always needs one
  • Straws - you don't want to ruin your lipstick
  • Breathe Mints - insurance for an amazing first kiss!
  • Blotting papers - (if you don't have these - toilet seat cover will work the same)
  • Plastic cups - just in case the hotel doesn't have enough for everyone to toast
  • Wine opener- a cheap one will do
  • Granola Bars - hunger can strike at any moment!

There are a million other things in my kit, but this should prepare you for almost anything on your wedding day!

Have any suggestions for what should be in an emergency kit? I'd love to hear your suggestions!

Happy Planning!

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