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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dear Wendi Wednesday...Home is Where the Heart Is!

This week we take another look into at home weddings!

Dear Wendi,

What are the perks of an at-home wedding?


Dear A.S.

There are some really wonderful aspects to an at home wedding. Of course, the sentimental value to all the family members who have lived and grown there. The many Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgivings, and much more celebrated with in the home's rooms. The family videos featuring the dog in the backyard, or basketball game played on the hoop on the front of the garage. The dreams of a little girl in her bedroom starring down on the backyard garden picturing her wedding day are now coming true! A wedding at home can create a magic no other location can.

There is also the perk of total control of set up and tear down. You can take as many or few days as you would like. You don't have to worry about time constraints, or hourly rates. This can reduce some of the stress leading up to wedding day!

An at home wedding is truly an intimate experience for all involved. Welcoming friends and family into your home for this utmost of important days is wonderful! It has the ability to create an experience like no other, and welcomes the opportunity to take the at home theme and run with it. There is so much customization you can do. Whether that means your menu reflects your favorite meals growing up, you sit at one large "family" table, or there are cookies fresh from the oven when guests arrive. An at home wedding opens the door for you to put your special touch on every part! Live it up!

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