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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dear Wendi Wednesday...Can you hear me now?

Dear Wendi,

My DJ is trying to get us to rent microphones for the ceremony. My fiance and I kinda feel like we'd feel awkward with microphones while saying such personal things, and our officiant says she projects her voice in church every Sunday without a sound system... Do you think it's okay to do without?



Dear H.A.

I think your DJ is smart to suggest a sound system with a microphone for the two of you for the ceremony. A lapel mic on the officiant is best. It will pick up her as well as the two of you. Second would be a hand held mic held by officiant. It can be uncomfortable for you or your groom to hold the microphone while speaking.

Often emotions take over during the ceremony and you are no longer able to speak loudly or even above a whisper. Your vows are really personal, between the two of you, but you did invite everyone to experience/witness this wonderful event with you. Your friends and family want to hear what you say, without a sound system your guests miss a lot of what is said by everyone. This is really the most important part of the whole day. It's meant to be heard by all. Ultimately it's up to the two of you.

All the best,


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