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Friday, February 6, 2009

Abra Cadabra!

I'm always searching for new and fun ideas to spice up my client's weddings and events. I like having many options in and outside the box for my client to choose from. So, I was thrilled when last week I met with Nash Fung. He's what I would call an illusionist, but he calls himself an entertainer that does sleight of hand magic and mind reading.

To start his performance, he asked me what I thought of when hearing the word magician. "Jobe from Arrested Development." I answered. We were instant friends! For those of you who don't know Jobe, he is very flashy with little to no skill. He's a magician that pulls a dead rabbit out of a hat, or set himself on fire. Believe me, Nash is no Jobe. He has charisma, skill, showmanship and great magic. He's also really smart and funny. He relates the tricks to each audience, which was difficult since I was an audience of one. I was incredible impressed! He showed me probably a dozen different and dazzlings tricks. For one he throws a rubrics cube in the air all mixed up and when he catches it it's back to it perfect original state. Amazing!

I was lucky enough for him to teach me a card trick called Queen of Hearts! I have since used it to impress my husband, sister, mother, and friends. You also can learn a trick from Nash. He has an instructional video on his website to teach you a trick every month! Click here to go to it. If you ever have the need for an entertainer for your wedding or party, please consider Nash. You won't regret it!

pictures from www.nashfung.com

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