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Monday, May 13, 2013

Give Big!

Giving back is a huge part of my business philosophy.  It is really important to me for many different reasons.  One of which is, I work in weddings, which is really fun and rewarding, but can occasionally feel materialistic and over indulgent.  I have many clients who are looking to give back through their weddings.  They also share my feelings of sadness seeing all of the beautiful flowers going into the garbage at the end of the night.  FloranthropyFloranthropy, is a Seattle non-profit company that helps people give flowers from their big event to local charities.  Started by a bride in June 2011 when she donated the flowers from her wedding the the hospital her Mother was a patient at.  She realized that there was a need for this service and began Floranthropy!
The flower arrangements would last a week, if not longer after the wedding if given the chance.  While doing some research for me this week, my assistant Charlotte found this amazing website.  I have not yet used it, but am really excited about it! 
Here is some information from their website:

"Floranthropy brings social responsibility to your celebration or event. We pickup and deliver event floral arrangements to re-purpose them in local hospitals, shelters, nursing homes, schools and other facilities. Many hospitals and social service centers do not have donation sites and do not provide pickups. Our donation pickup and delivery service provides you with a one-stop solution for giving green. Recycle and re-purposed your floral arrangements today.  If good karma isn't enough, it’s tax deductible too!

• Donate Wedding & Event Floral Arrangements
• Donate Corporate Event Floral Arrangements
• Donate Bar & Bah-Mitzvah Floral Arrangements
• Fundraisers: Online Donation Drive & Registry (Coming Soon!!)
• Provide Tax Deductible Receipt" 
If you've used it, I would love to hear about your experience, good or bad.  I'm excited about finding a this resource I can share with all of your and my clients.  I look forward to using it and giving back!

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