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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dear Wendi Wednesday: Tuxedo Prep

Hi All!

It has been quite a while since I have done a Dear Wendi Wednesday! I guess I'm always looking inspiration and questions to answer! I received this question from one of my clients, and it sparked the perfect topic for this post! I love when my Grooms aren't afraid to ask questions and seek my advice! I think it is really beneficial to all men out there! Thanks E.W. for being my muse!

Hello Wendi,

I have rented a tux but I was wondering if you had any other advice regarding the tux (picking it up, trying it on, etc). I have worn tuxes before but it has been awhile and it wasn't for such an important event.



Hi E.W.,

Thanks for the email! Yes, I do have a little advice. I would definitely see if you can pick your tux up a few days before the wedding to try it on and make sure they gave you the right sizes and pieces (2 days before is perfect!). This gives you ample time to make sure it is all there and in pristine condition (clean, pressed, and no loose hems or holes)! I have sadly seen too many grooms and grooms men having to do the tuxedo shuffle (trading parts and pieces with one another) because the tux shop somehow got the wrong sizes for a couple of the men.

Also, if you are wearing cuff-links or tuxedo buttons you want to make sure you have those days before as well. The rental tuxedos don't usually include those items. When you try the tux on, try on the whole ensemble including socks, cuff-links, buttons, handkerchief, etc. to make sure you like they way it all looks together. A walk through is very important to guaranteeing you like the finished product! If there is something missing or off you can correct it before wedding day!
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I hope this helps! If you have more specific questions please let me know! I'm happy to help!

All the best,


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