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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Once Upon a Time...To...Happily Ever After (Continued!)

There are still so many secrets and surprises in store for the billions of people who will be watching the Royal Wedding 4.29.11! With less than 48 hours to go, I like so many of you, can NOT wait! I am bursting with excitement for this DREAM wedding! It is the event of the century! Oh, I don't want to wait any longer! But since we all have to, here are my wedding dress predictions!

I may be really off, but on the long shot that I am right, I want it to be published for all to see!


Almost everyone in the world is on the edge on their seats waiting to see what Catherine will be wearing on the big day! I have been having dreams about what Kate's wedding dress will look like! Crazy I know! I guess it is an occupational hazard that I happily accept! Not only is the designer important, but so is the dress' fabric, color, style, veil, etc. It is the #ONE piece in the #1 event that will influence wedding trends for the next 20+ years! Kate is already a style icon, making wonderful fashion choices, and this dress will be the most elite of them all! If you combine the photos below you will have my thoughts on what Kate will be wearing on FRIDAY 4.29.11!!

I think Catherine will be in a slim fitting lace gown similar to any of the Elie Saab dresses above! She has such an amazing slim and tall frame that this style gown will look incredible on her! The lace gives the gown such an elegance and femininity I think Kate will be drawn to. Mila Kunis dress from the 2011 Oscar's has an stunning shape, but may be too revealing for the Cathedral setting. A soft cap sleeve and more conservative neckline like the dress below will be more Kate's style!

I don't think that Kate (Catherine) will be wearing a skirt to this volume, but I do think that the regal fabric and lace cap sleeves are very likely to be seen on Catherine on Wedding day!

I'd love to hear what you think the Princess in waiting will wear on her big day! Speak now or forever hold your peace!

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Lindsay said...

I heard that she is required to wear sleeves and cannot show her arms or any cleavage at all in the Abbey. I agree with you on the lace, and think her arms and neckline will be covered in some gorgeous, fitted lace. Since she's a "commoner" she had choose whether to wear her veil up or down during her walk down the aisle. If she had been born with a title she would have been required to wear it down.

I'll be getting up early with husband to watch it! Still can't believe I've convinced him! Can't wait to chat about it with you!

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