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Monday, June 22, 2009

Mishap Monday - Word to the Wise

There is so much information that goes into an invitation that the wording needs to be carefully thought out. This applies to all invitations, wedding, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, birthday, engagement party, etc. You need the date, time, location(s) and any other sentiments you see fit. For a wedding if the ceremony and reception are in different location it is thoughtful to incorporate a map or directions. An RSVP card is a very important enclosure to include as well.
With all of this information it's important that you think about not only what you mean, but also how the wording can be interpreted by your guests.

This is weeks mishap I encountered very recently:

A fantastic couple of mine recently sent out there wedding invitations. They were very thoughtful about what to include. They thought a lot about their guests and guest count. They had some signs that some guests may not know NOT to bring additional people with them. Wanting to prevent this confusion we included a line on the RSVP card that read ____ # Guests. So, if the number of guests on the RSVP card was higher than the number invited we could touch base with that person. This seemed like the correct wording to us, until they received an RSVP with the name of 1 person attending and then 2 guests in the blank space. This particular invite was sent inviting 2 adults and a child. (Does that mean that all 3 are coming or 2 total guests are coming?) It raised our eyebrows for sure wondering if we were facing another confusing situation.

To make a long story short, at great way of wording an RSVP card for the total number of guest coming is: ____Total # Attending! This eliminates all confusion. Luckily for us, the large majority of the guest understood what we meant, and there was very little confusion. For me, I want a plan ahead of time that guarantees no extra work or confusion for my couples. I wish I would have know this sooner for this couple. Valuable information!

Please learn from our mishap, and use it to your advantage!

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