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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Making it Legal...

As many of you know, in order to make your marriage legal in the eyes of the law, you need a marriage license. It can be applied for online, by mail, or in person. Here is a link to king county's marriage license website with all the information that you may need. There are a few important pieces of information I will point out:

1. You can apply for a marriage license in many ways, but you can only receive it in person. If you applied by mail, you will pick it up at the downtown location.

2. The marriage license is only valid for 60 days. You will need to have your ceremony within the 60 after receiving your license, or you will need a new one.

3. There's a 3 day waiting period before your license becomes valid. You want to make sure that you get the license more than 3 days before the wedding. If getting married on a Saturday, you would want to get your marriage license no later than Wednesday. I always recommend getting it the week prior, to be on the safe side. (Many churches require you to drop it off with them a few weeks prior. You will want to check with your church.)

4. Marriage license requirement vary from state to state, and country to country. You want to check with your state/local government to see if there are blood tests, or additional paperwork to take care of.

5. It is one of the largest pieces to making your marriage LEGAL. You also need a witness and someone to perform the ceremony, but with out it, you may just be having a really great party.

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