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Thursday, May 22, 2014

You're ENGAGED!!! Now What...?


You've been dreaming about your wedding for years, and now it's finally happening!  He asked you to be his wife, and in one moment the dream is becoming a reality!  The harsh reality of dreaming about your wedding, is often you didn't include the planning portion of it!  In our fairy tale we just magically show up to the perfect location, wearing  the most gorgeous gown, full hair and makeup done to perfection, etc!  Here are the FIRST 6 things you should do now that you're engaged before the true planning begins!   

1. Call your people!
Make sure to call all the people that are important in your life BEFORE you post on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc. It’s not cool for your old college classmate who you studied with one time to find out before grandma!

2. Get your ring insured!
Yes I know… this is a dull task.  We all know that you’d much rather be showing your new ring off, and flaunting it all around town. But you won’t be feeling that excitement if your ring jumps off your finger and goes down the garbage disposal, or a diamond or two falls off and you don’t have it insured. Trust me this is the one step you don’t want to skip.

3. Get those nails done girl!!
Your left hand is going to be the center of attention for the next however many weeks. So grab your girls and go get a professional manicure, heck treat yourself to a pedicure while you’re at it.

4. Stop – take a breather – and enjoy the scenery!
You’ve most likely been waiting for this day for a very long time; you finally get to plan the wedding you have always dreamed of. But before jumping right into the logistics of it, take a few weeks, and enjoy the excitement and romance of being newly engaged.

Grab your man and a bottle of wine and begin to dream. Now is the time to make your secret Pintrest boards public!!! Come up with some ideas together of what you want your wedding to be like. You don’t have to come up with every detail of the big day, just an idea that you both agree on.

6. Come up with a realistic budget!
After you take a few weeks of enjoying being newly engaged, set a realistic budget. If your or his parents are helping with the money aspect, make a delicious dinner, break out a bottle of wine, roll up your sleeves and begin to discuss a realistic budget.

 Written by: Cassidy Will 


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