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Friday, February 7, 2014

Your engaged!!! NOW WHAT!

Engagement Photo shoot. Easy prop idea.

It is that time of year when the reality of planning your wedding may be hitting you like a ton of bricks!  The high of you holiday proposal has mellowed and with the days turn into weeks, and weeks into months your realize that "OH SHOOT!" it February, and I need to get started! Here are the first 8 thing you need to do this month for your wedding!

1. Hire a professional wedding planner -
Yes, this may seem like a shameless plug for my or another planners services, but it really is beneficial!  Wedding planners are trained professionals who have been through exactly what you are experiencing many, many times!    We have the knowledge, TIME, and expertise to save you time, money and stress of starting from square one.  Statistically it takes up to 300 hours to plan a wedding, based on my experience with a wedding planner you can divide that number by 5.  That gives you 240 hours back!  Also, you won't make the first timer mistakes that can be costly on your budget and morale!

1.a. Set your budget -
This is an important step that will effect the rest of your planning!  Every decision you make effects you bottom line, so it's important to know what that line is!

2. Define your wedding vision-
Your wedding planner can really help you with this!  You don't have to set it in stone; it can be a work in progress, but it is important to set you and your fiances' priorities before starting.  You should know what size, style and personality of wedding you want.  Do you want an out door, barn, elegant modern, whimsical tent, destination, etc.  Will it be for 20 people or 400.  Are there certain family or traditional obligations you need to consider?  All these decisions will dictate the direction you go!

3. Find your venue(s) -
Once you have your ceremony & reception venues secured you can set the date and start planning!  Later in the month I will give the key question to ask when venue shopping so keep your eyes out for it!

4.  Compile your guest list and collect addresses -
There are many mailings that go out prior to your wedding invitation, so having your guest list with addresses in one place is really helpful.  The first of those mailings is the save the date!  You will want to send out your save the date at least 6 months in advance

5. Choose Attendants
Invite those closest to you to stand by your side on the most important and joyful days of your life!  They are also a wonderful support system through the whole planning process!

6. Start Wedding Dress Shopping -
This might be a long or speedy process!  It is critical that you find the perfect dress!  Take your time (if you have it) savor the experience and have fun!  You get to do this once (and after a few years will forever long to do it again)!  You do want to order your dress 6 months out from you wedding date.

7.  Vendor Selection -
Start researching, meeting with, and hiring your vendors!  You have a long list of people to find and hire so get to it!  You will want to select 1 of each of these:

  • Wedding Planner
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Officiant
  • Caterer
  • Bartender/staff - if needed
  • Cake/Pastry 
  • Florist
  • Ceremony Music
  • DJ/Band
  • Rental Company
  • Transportation

8. Start attending wedding shows -
This is for fun with the potential to lead to wonderful vendors!  They are all gathered in one place waiting to meet you!  Don't get overwhelmed and this you need to go to them all, or need to hire all your vendors at one show!  Attending 1 or 2 that fit your schedule is a right of passage!  It should be fun!  (If you have a planner working with you for the whole planning process, there is no pressure to select vendors.  You can go for the fashion shows, cake tasting, and pure enjoyment!)

Okay, now you know what you need to do for the next month!  Go to it!  If this blog post overwhelmed you and made your head want to explode, then give me a call or shoot me an email!  I can help!  I'm here for you!

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Patricia Stimac said...

Wendi - I enjoyed your blog post! It seems there is so much to consider when beginning to plan a wedding and your post gives brides and grooms a great place to begin.

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