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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Friend or Foe? Online Wedding Resources

I frequently get interviewed for wedding magazines doing stories of a variety of wedding related topics.  The most recent wanted me to comment about online wedding resources in regards to Wedding Food & Drink.  The article has not yet been published, but as soon as it it I will share the link!  Enjoy!

1. How might online resources help you find the perfect caterer and build a dream menu?
Online resources put many more options at your finger tips.  Brides/Grooms are exposed to  so much more than just what is in their area. They are able to pull ideas from other experts around the country or world!  They can use this information to build your dream menu from recipes you found online and now can share with your caterer.  If caterers in their area are not the exact fit, they can use the information gathered and share it with the professional to collaborate and build exactly what they want. 

2. The meal and bar are typically the biggest wedding expenses, and with a never-ending supply of Pinterested, etc. pics of chic small bites and bottles and bottles of Champagne, it can be easy to get ahead of yourself and your budget. What are your tips for balancing a dream dinner and drink spread with budget realities?

Pintrest is amazing to help clarify your vision and give your vendors direction about how you want things prepared and how you want them to look. It is an amazing tool!  It also allows clients to be far more creative using someone elses' idea they have found online.  Clients can definitely get carried away trying to do EVERYTHING they saw online, so  It is important to chose one or two things you loved from these sites that will make a big impact.  1 signature cocktail with a beautiful fruit skewer stir stick and 1 elegant dessert table, but skip the 20 cute appetizers you fell in love with.  Also, consider filling foods when it comes to appetizers or sides,  if you are doing a lot of small bites.  Cheese and fruit will not fill people up for the night, but risotto balls and meat skewers will!  Be selective when and where you want to use your pintrested inspiration!

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