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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

When to Marry? Is One Season Better Than The Others?

Recently, I was interviewed by my favorite Journalist Anna Sachse for an article she is writing an article about the pros and cons of each season for getting married. This is a really good question for couples to consider. Every season has a significance to each couple, some maybe more than others. Most people think of summer weddings based on what we all see in movies, magazines, and when we are invited to attend the most, but that does NOT mean it is the right time of the year for you! Here is my full list of the Pros and Cons of each season! I had no idea I had so much to say about this! I hope you find it helpful!

Beautiful weather is most likely
Guests have time off or willingly take vacation time,
Kids are out of school,
3 great 3 day holiday weekends
In 4 season locations, outdoor option generally available
Wonderful selection of seasonal produce
Amazing variety of season flowers in bloom
Bright, Vibrant, and fun color pallets appropriate
Fun refreshing beverages appropriate
Any summertime activity or food is an option, crab bake, lobster cook out, BBQ, etc.
May have a beautiful tan still from summer weather
Longer days full of light

Most popular time of year for weddings in 4 season places, which means most expensive time of year, and most competition for locations, vendors, etc.. Can limit your options if you don't pre-plan.
Your may be competing with your guests pre-scheduled vacation plans
3 holiday weekends, people may not appreciate you taking
In warm climates - really hot temperatures - out doors not suggested
Bugs can be a problem in certain areas in the summer months
Competition, You may schedule your wedding on someone else you know's wedding date - 2nd cousin, distant friend, etc. Some of your guests may have another wedding the same day and have to chose
May be leaving your location for honeymoon vacation during your best weather months - might miss the sunshine come winter
Outdoor wedding on hot summer day is really uncomfortable for the Bride in a really formal heaving dress, and for all men in Tuxes or Suits
Sweating profusely on your wedding day is NOT something any bride or groom imagines or thinks about!
Air conditioning at the wedding location really important - can be disastrous with out it!
Candle light is null and void until late into the evening
People can have a hard time dancing until it gets dark - can be late into the evening depending on where you live

Beautiful natural color scheme and use of natural elements for decor
Fall theme is really easy and popular
Beginning to be the less popular time of year, vendor and location rates may be dropping
Nice time to go to on a tropical honeymoon as the weather where you live is getting cold - Make your summer tan last
Less weddings scheduled, so your guest are more likely not going to have another wedding on your date
Travel is less expensive - September is the cheapest and least popular month for travel
Indian summer
Bug problems decrease
Candle light
Sunset Ceremonies - at a reasonable time
Great time for a European or other hot spot honeymoon

In warm places, popularity may be increasing due to cooler weather than summer months
School starting
Little to no vacation time left for you or your guests
Risk of cold or wet weather
Sun sets earlier - less day light for photos
Football Season- you may have to negotiate your wedding date around your Honey's team's schedule


Amazing decor options and color schemes to work with
Hotels and venues may decorate for the holidays - supplying you with free decor (that most likely goes with the aesthetic of the location)
Holidays bring family together and are a natural time to celebrate
Prices are discounted except in December at Peak holiday party season
Comfort food
Spiced cider, egg nog, gingerbread, etc.
Candle light/ Fireplaces
Really romantic and magical time of year
Wonderful time for tropical or snowy honeymoon -

In cold weather places:
Out door photo or ceremony options limited without proper warm clothing options
Sever weather could delay or cancel your guests travel
Power outages and storms are more likely
Icy roads and bad travel conditions can cause issue for even local guests
Summer color palette, food, and beverages are inappropriate
Flowers are not in season or local
Seasonal Fruits are harder to come by
Travel prices increase
Many holidays to schedule around
Busy and expensive time of year for your guests - may be a hard time for people to travel, buy a wedding present, etc. while juggling holiday expenses
Very little day light for photos


Wonderful flower selection
Bright cheerful colors appropriate
Less expensive then summer months
Less popular time of year creating less competition
Cooler weather than summer months with possibility of sunshine
Great time for honeymoon
Spring Break
Beautiful light for photos

Scheduling around Easter
Rain more likely than summer
Kids in school

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