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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hire a Wedding Coordinator if...

My sister who is getting married this October emailed this to me. I thought I would share it with all of you! I think it is fun and cute! If any of them apply to you: HIRE A COORDINATOR!
We will save you all the stress, time and money!! We are there to be on your side no matter what!

FROM: the knot and MSN

What Kind of Bride Are You?
Even the calmest woman can suffer a meltdown (or six) in the course of planning a wedding. Do you still recognize yourself, or have you turned into one of these bridal caricatures?

By Hallie Goodman

Every bride has her own, well, let's just say quirks. Read on and see if you recognize anyone you know.

The Non-Decider
Shoe fit? The deadline for mailing invites is looming. Too bad you've yet to choose a location. The dress? You've narrowed it down to white. Or, wait, ivory. Ivory or white it is.

Break through it: Not a case of cold feet? Phew, okay, then the culprit could be perfectionism. It's a simple equation: perfectionism = procrastination = paralysis. Afraid to make the wrong decision, you've opted not to make any at all. If your budget can bear it, call a wedding planner ASAP. Not possible? Call a summit of your closest friends and ask for help. Divide and conquer the scary to-do list together. Relax, it'll be fun. And a fun wedding is a perfect wedding!

The Alpha
Shoe fit? Bridal binder? Check. Countdown calendar? Check. Hostages? Check (though you prefer to call them the wedding party). The upside to you bordering on bridezilla is that you know what you want. The downside — you knew there would be one, right? — you've been voted most likely to go 'zilla at the first fumble. And while bossy might get you results at the office, with friends and family it's not cute.

Break through it: If you're a proper type A, you've hired the best people, so have a little faith! Give vendors a list of instructions, in writing, and then lay off. When it comes to friends and family, any help they offer is a labor of love, so help them love it by dropping the drill sergeant act.

The Fairy Princess
Shoe fit? You went shopping for a sheath, but bought a dress so poufy it'll dust both sides of the aisle. Instead of reserving a limo, you put a Cinderella coach — complete with six white horses — on hold. You've always been a minimalist, so what's up with Barbie's dream wedding?

Break through it: Sounds like your inner 8-year-old has taken over the planning process. Hey, it happens! But your wedding should reflect who you (and your man) are now. Not something you once scribbled in a diary. Run everything by your BFF, the one who always tells you when you've lost your mind. If it's all wrong, she'll see it. And if it turns out that a castle-shaped champagne fountain is you, she'll help you get it.

Miss Baby
Shoe fit? When you hear that the flowers you wanted are out of season, you cry, stomp, and say (unfortunately out loud), "Why me?" When your honey says the groomsmen vetoed the color coral, you can barely get out of your pajamas for three days because, really, what's the point if there will be no coral on your wedding day? In short, stress has gotten the best of you. But rather than raging when you don't get your way, you throw lavish pity parties left and right.

Break through it: You're obviously overwhelmed and/or exhausted. Time to declare a serious WTO (wedding time-out). Turn off the laptop, hide the BlackBerry, and spend the evening paying attention

The Balanced Bride
Shoe fit? Not a single family member is avoiding your calls. Your bridesmaids don't roll their eyes every time you talk. Even your fiance appears to be having a relatively good time. Congrats on not driving everyone around you crazy!

Break through it: What's to fix? Sounds like you're sitting pretty. But don't be shocked if you have a few mini meltdowns. No one expects you to be perfect.

(This Girl definitely has a coordinator!!!)

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