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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Here Comes The Bride - down a custom aisle runner...

An aisle runner seems like such a small part of the wedding ceremony, but it deserves a little thought. It is the place in which all wedding participants, including the bride, make their grand entrance into the wedding. It is also the first thing you walk down as husband and wife.

I love the idea of playing up the aisle with a unique runner. It can really make an impact on the look and feel of your ceremony. You can use bold colors, patterns, or even have one customized with a quote or monogram. You can make your own aisle runner with fabric from a store or have one made. I have worked with The Original Aisle Runner, which has amazing ideas and products.

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There are a few things you should know before ordering or making your runner:

1. Think about the fabric you choose. Make sure that it is not slippery when you and others walk down it.
2. Secure the aisle down tightly or line the back with a no slip surface. This way it does not move when walked on.
3. Know the length of your aisle so it does not fall short. If it is too long you can make adjustments accordingly.
4. Know the surface that you will be putting the runner down on. If you are getting married outside on grass or dirt, I would recommend an aisle of petals, if anything. Fabric does not do well on soft surfaces.
5. Ribbon off the start of the aisle so guests don't walk on your runner before the ceremony. This will only work if guests can access the rows from the outside edges.

Be as creative as you want to be. This is one of many ways that you can put a unique touch on your wedding day!